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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are surgical loupes?
A. They are magnifying lenses on an eyeglass frame which allow the surgeon to see small structures with better clarity, and thus to work more precisely. They are commonly used by surgeons in every specialty in the developed world, but are generally unavailable in the developing world because of cost.

Q. How do you identify potential recipients?
A. We have collaborated with charitable organizations such as Operation Smile, Interplast, and SIGN to find surgeons whose patients would benefit if they had a pair of loupes.  We have also been working with various Colleges of Surgeons in Africa to find recipients. Finally, many surgeons hear about us through word-of-mouth, or find our website when surfing the Internet.

Q.  Are there different kinds of loupes?
A.  Yes, there are essentially 2 different kinds: fixed and adjustable

Q.  What kind does Loupes Around The World provide to recipients ?
A.  We provide both depending on the circumstances:

Fixed loupes are specifically manufactured to an individual’s measurements. Measuring and fitting them properly requires special skills and experience; therefore we limit the provision of fixed loupes to surgeons who can be measured and fitted by a Designs For Vision, Inc. representative. This is typically done in the USA for a surgeon who is in the USA for a course, a meeting, or further surgical training.

Adjustable loupes can be worn by more than one individual because the lenses can be easily and quickly adjusted to an individual’s eye characteristics and needs. They do not require fitting, and therefore they can be sent anywhere. Adjustable loupes are especially useful in surgical training programs where many individuals can have the opportunity to share a single pair.

Q. What is “Recoup The Loupes” ?
A. Surgeons who have loupes they are no longer using can donate them to Loupes     Around The World through our recycling program called “Recoup The Loupes”. Donated Designs For Vision loupes are returned to the factory, where the magnifying lenses can be removed and reset into new lenses and frames. Donated adjustable loupes in good condition are sent out to appropriate recipients. Any donated loupes entitle the donor to a charitable contribution for tax purposes. To date about 75 pairs of loupes have been donated to Loupes Around The World.

Q. How do you deliver loupes to the recipient?
A. Through a variety of contacts, we have been able to find someone traveling from the USA to the recipient’s location in virtually all cases. That person is able to personally deliver the loupes, making the delivery process safe, secure, and essentially cost-free for us. The deliverers have included physicians going on volunteer missions, NGO staff, family members, friends, and others.

Q. How do you pay for the loupes you distribute?
A. Designs For Vision, Inc. generously underwrites the cost of the loupes they provide to our recipients. We purchase adjustable loupes from a distributor who charges us his cost plus shipping.

Q. What percentage of donated funds is used for administration of Loupes Around The World?
A. Zero

Q. What percentage of donated funds is used to purchase loupes?
A. 100%

Q. Will Loupes Around The World possibly be providing other equipment to recipients in the future?
A. We are looking for a reliable, sturdy, long-lasting, and economical surgical headlight. This is a common request from surgeons after they receive loupes, because OR lighting in many areas of the world is less than adequate.  To date we have not found a headlight that meets our requirements, but we are still looking.



How do you identify potential recipients?

Are there different kinds of loupes?

What kind does Loupes Arougn The World
provide to recipients?

What is “Recoup The Loupes”?

How do you deliver Loupes to the recipient?

How do you pay for the loupes you distribute?

What percentage of donated funds is used for
administration of Loupes Around the World?

What percentage of donated funds is used
to purchase loupes?

Will Loupes Around the World possibly be
providing pther equipment in the future?

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